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Calamvale was named after James Calam, an early settler and prominent landowner in the area. The Calam family built their homestead on a hill at the top of Calam Road near Beaudesert Road. The area was known as Calamvale long before it was officially listed as a suburb in 1972.

Surrounding suburbs: Acacia Ridge, Algester, Parkinson, Runcorn, Stretton, Sunnybank Hills

Council hotline: (07) 3403 8888

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Local Members Councillor Kim Marx
Karawatha Ward Office
Shop 53, Level 2, Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town / Corner Compton and Calam Roads, Sunnybank Hills
State Members Mrs Freya Ostapovitch
Electorate: Stretton
Unit 5 / 62 Pinelands Rd, Sunnybank Hills
Phone: (07) 3344 2659
Federal Members Graham Perret MP
Electorate: Moreton
250 McCullough St, Sunnybank Hills
Phone: (07) 3344 2622
Green waste collection Green waste collected fortnightly, alternate to the recycling collection
Recycling collection Recycling collected fortnightly
Rubbish collection General waste collected weekly on a Thursday
Watering restrictions The last remaining water restrictions in SEQ were lifted on 1 January, 2013
Early learning centres Goodstart Early Learning: 12 - 16 Central St, Calamvale
Phone: 1800 222 543
  Calamvale Early Learning Centre: 17 Hamish St, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3272 1265
  Calamvale Childcare and Development Centre: 38 Nottingham Rd, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3272 2177
  Nottingham World of Learning: 49 Nottingham Rd, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3272 1022
  Calamvale Childcare Centre: 421-425 Gowan Rd, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3272 0771
  Koala Calamvale Childcare Centre: 56 Kameruka St, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3711 5155
Police Station Calamvale Police Station: 42 Kameruka St,
Phone: (07) 3131 7377
Parks/Playgrounds Ormskirk St: Neiwand and Ormskirk Sts, Calamvale
  Parkland St: Casuarina Cres and Parkland St, Calamvale
  Nottingham Rd: 233 Laurel Oak Drv and Nottingham Rd, Calamvale
  Monford Place: Monford Place and Palatine St, Calamvale
  Juxgold Place: Golden Ave, Juxgold Place and Orangetip Cres, Calamvale
  Laurel Oak Park: Algester Rd and Laurel Oak Drv, Calamvale
  Peden Court: Murphy St and Peden Court, Calamvale
  Perkins St: Lot 403 / Freeman Place and Perkins St, off Ormskirk St, Calamvale
  Tuberose Place: Tuberose Place and Gowan Rd, Calamvale
  Yewleak Place: Yewleaf Place, off Casuarina Cres, Calamvale
  Tristania Close: Casuarina Cres, Parklands St and Tristania Cl, Calamvale
  Sunflower Crescent: Honeysuckle Way and Sunflower Cres, Calamvale
  Stevenson St: Dowling Place and Stenvenson St, off Hamish Cres, Calamvale
  Alpinia Place: Alpinia Place, Kameruka St and Orania Cres, Calamvale
  Honeysuckle Way (Bat Park): Honeysuckle Way and Jacaranda Place, Calamvale
Features: Has playground
  Calamvale District Park: Formby and Ormskirk Sts, Calamvale
Features: Has barbecue, playground, toilets, disabled access
  Calamvista Park: Monsour and Palatine Sts, Calamvale
Features: Has playground, wheelchair access and half-court basketball
  Bundabah Drvive: Bundabah Drv, off Algester Rd, Calamvale
  Borage Place: Borage Place, Sunflower Cres and Shelduck Place, Calamvale
  Beaudesert Rd: Beadesert Rd, near Muirhead St, Calamvale
  Hamish St: Hamish and Ormskirk Sts, Calamvale
  Caravonica Court: Caravonica Court and Chateau St, Calamvale
  Eden Elm St: Eden Elm St, Japonica Place and Parklands Sts, Calamvale
  Gowan Rd Park: Bottletree Place, Cottenwood Cres, Golden Ave, and Swan Lake Cres, Calamvale
Features: Has Playground, barbecue, half-court basketball, rebound wall
  Clembury Place: Clembury Place, Formby and Menser Sts, Calamvale
  Cyril Sims Park: Brandy and Madeira Courts and Marsala St, Calamvale
Features: Has playground and half-court basketball
  Currajong St: Currajong St, off Parklands St, Calamvale
  Corypha Crescent: Corypha and Grevillia Crescents, off Kameruka Sts, Calamvale
Recreation facilities Calamvale Tennis Centre: 115 Menser St, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3273 1311
Shopping centres Calamvale Central: 662 Compton Rd, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3711 2705
Baptist Trinity Baptist Church Independent: 2518 Beaudesert Rd,
Phone: (07) 3273 1227
Other Tenrikyo Oceania Centre: 179 Benhiam Centre, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3273 4033
  Amitabha Buddhist Association: 2370 Beaudesert Rd, Calamvale
Phone: (07) 3273 1693

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