A petition calling on the Queensland government to call another referendum on daylight saving has attracted more than 12,000 signatures in three days — but will it really achieve anything?

Brisbane’s Deputy Lord Mayor Adrian Shrinner has launched the parliamentary e-petition, drawing attention to the fact that 2017 marks 25 years since Queenslanders last voted on daylight saving.

That 1992 referendum was lost by less than 150,000 votes, and the state has grown by at least 1.5 million residents since then.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said that she is in personally in favour of daylight saving, but she has no plans to put the issue back on the table.

“We will not be dividing Queensland in two over the issue of daylight saving,” the Premier told reporters in Roma earlier this week.

“The more pressing issue for my government will be getting people back into work. That is our priority for this year.”

It doesn’t look like there’ll be any pressure from the opposition to put daylight saving to a referendum, either, with Liberal National Party leader Tim Nicholls telling reporters that the issue “raises its head every January”, but is “not on the LNP’s radar”.

Certainly, Nicholls is right that this issue raises its head at this time every year, usually alongside a slew of opinion polls that ultimately mean nothing and go nowhere.

But is it finally time to put daylight saving to the test with another referendum? Have your say in our poll below!

UPDATE: This poll is closed, and the ayes have it — 55 per cent of you said it was time for another referendum! 43 per cent of readers said it was time to stop beating that dead horse, and 2 per cent of you thought a poll about a poll was just too meta to handle.