The Queensland Government has reacted swiftly to the nation’s increased terror threat level, but is it worth it?

Queensland Rail has closed rubbish bins at several inner-city train stations in response to the terror threat, going so far as to weld some of them shut.

Signs have appeared declaring that the bins are no longer available “for safety reasons”, and advising people to take their rubbish with them.

Lockers at major transport hubs have also been sealed shut, while there are reports that security has been beefed up at Parliament House and that increased security checks are expected at major events. Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett has confirmed there will be a more visible police presence in Queensland as a result of the heightened terror alert level.

While promoting tourism in Noosa yesterday, Premier Campbell Newman stressed his belief that the security measures made Queensland “a safer place than probably any other on the globe”.

“You can come to this state and have a safe and wonderful holiday with your family,” the Premier said. “Whether it be the terrorism issue or the fact that we have taken on criminal gangs in this state and we have seen as a result dramatic reductions in criminal activity, that is a really good thing and shows that this is a safer place to have a holiday.”

Do you feel safer as a result of the Government’s response to the raised terror threat level? Or do you want the bins to be re-opened? Let us know by voting in our poll and having your say in the comments below!

RESULTS: Who knew Brisbane’s bins were so beloved? 15.5 per cent of you said you already feel safe, and couldn’t possibly feel safer; 36.3 per cent said you do feel safer as a result of the Government’s decisions; and 48.2 per cent of you said you just want your bins back!

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