Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has sparked outrage in some quarters by pulling the plug on community television, but does anybody really care?

Turnbull has confirmed that community TV stations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth will be pushed off broadcast television screens over the next 15 months, and be encouraged to move their operations online. The broadcasting spectrum these community stations have been using will be sold off.

Community television advocates were quick to deride the move, with Richard McLelland — the secretary of the Australian Community Television Alliance — mourning “the death of community television”.

For his part, Turnbull is confident community ‘television’ will thrive online. “I have no doubt that this transition is in the best interests of community television,” he said. “It will deliver wider audiences, at less cost on a wider range of devices and the ability to do more than linear broadcasting.”

The real question, of course, is whether anybody cares. Does anybody actually watch community television anymore? Do you? Let us know by voting in this week’s poll and having your say in the comments below!

UPDATE: The polls are closed, and it’s a close one — 48 per cent of you watch community television, and 52 per cent of you don’t. The nays have it, but if the question is ‘Does anybody watch community television’, the answer appears to be a resounding yes

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