Calls to ban Russian President Vladimir Putin from the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane are mounting, but what do YOU think?

International pressure is mounting on Russia due to its handling of the MH17 disaster. Russian-backed separatists are widely believed to be responsible for the tragedy.

Tony Abbott has today accused the Russian government of trying to cover up their role in the attack. “After the crime comes the cover-up,” he told a press conference. “We’ve seen evidence tampering on an industrial scale.”

Premier Campbell Newman had earlier called for Putin to be banned from the G20 if he doesn’t cooperate with an independent inquiry into the incident.

“We as a community call on President Putin and the Russian government to fully co-operate with the international community to ensure there is a proper, full, independent international investigation of this event,” he said.

“If Mr Putin’s not prepared to do that, then frankly I believe that Queenslanders don’t want him here at the G20. He has the opportunity to demonstrate some good faith and that can be done by properly getting behind international efforts to get to the bottom of what is clearly in my view a crime, a terrible crime.”

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