ABC managing director Mark Scott has warned that Peppa Pig may not be safe from ABC budget cuts — but should we save her bacon?

During Senate estimates hearings on Wednesday, Labor senator Louise Pratt asked if “Peppa Pig is safe from cuts, particularly from conservatives concerned about her dangerous feminist ideology?”

(Pratt was referencing a bizarre piece by Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Akerman from last year, which accused the children’s television series of pushing “a weird feminist line” to appeal to “Labor’s Handbag Hit Squad”.)

In response to Pratt’s question, ABC boss Mark Scott couldn’t guarantee the show’s safety: “We have contracts to continue to deliver Peppa Pig, but of course the service we provide depends on the funding envelope provided.”

Malcolm Turnbull later tweeted that Peppa’s funding was safe, but let’s just say that if the Coalition changed their mind, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Are you worried that Peppa Pig will get the chop? Or will you be happy if the pig gets it?

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