There’s an out-of-this-world reality show that is asking applicants to take a one-way ticket to Mars for the ultimate isolation experiment – so we asked whether or not you’d sign up!

Space may be the final frontier but that doesn’t mean we’d want to spend the rest of our lives up there! Most of you said there’s no way you’d leave this planet (60 per cent), and we tend to agree – while the starry night sky is beautiful, it is a little terrifying to think of living there forever.

32 per cent of you thought life on Mars might not be so bad with the right people and would consider going if you were happy with your fellow space travellers.

Only 8 per cent of respondents had the Buzz Lightyear spirit and were keen to rocket off to the red planet, never to return.

Our poll this week is about your coffee choice – are you a no-nonsense espresso drinker or do you like something a bit more fancy? Let us know!