Same-sex marriage – Last week we asked if you believed this should become legal in Australia, the results are in and some of the number might surprise you.

Same-sex marriage is an ongoing dilemma for Australia, the question of should we or shouldn’t we has been in the media all throughout 2013. The questions itself of same-sex marriage has been posed by several governments around the world and some have made it legal while others are still debating the choice.

The ACT Government has made history for the nation as the first to legally sanctioned marriages between same sex couples


The Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act 2013 was passed in the Legislative Assembly on 22 October 2013 and commenced on 7 November 2013 with the first weddings able to take place under the Act that weekend

At least 47 couples lodged their intent to marry under the Act once it was passed.


The You say poll we ran last week was one of the most responded to yet and here is what you thought.

39 per cent of voters said Yes, gay marriage should be legalized and 33 per cent of you said that same-sex marriage should not be made legal. 19 per cent indicated that they thought a different  type of union instead of marriage is the way to go for same-sex unions. 9 per cent are still on the fence about the matter.

Did these results shock you or did the numbers fall where you expected them too?