We asked whether you thought the legal drinking age in Australia should be raised to 21, and the results are in…

The drinking age has always been a hot topic of debate.

Frequently asked questions that always seem to be raised when this topic is debated are:

  1. Should the age to get a car licence also be raised?
  2. Would closing pubs and clubs earlier also be considered with a curfew imposed?
  3. Would violence be decreased if this happened?
  4. How should you penalize under-age drinking?
  5. Is drugs like marijuana and speed as much of a problem as alcohol?
  6. Is the increase in alcopop drinks and their accessiblity part of the problem and if so how much?
  7. Would we see a reduction in juvenile crime if the drinking age was raised to 21?
  8. Should there be a curfew on teenagers to be off the streets?
  9. What penalities should be imposed on parents who supply children who are under the drinking age with alcohol?
  10. Should we change the laws on advertising of alcohol to make it less visible and less attractive?

While 16 per cent thought raising the legal drinking age would worsen underage drinking and 19 per cent thought the current age was fine, an huge 65% of you said the drinking age should definitely be raised to 21! Maybe it’s time for a policy change…