Bikies are in the spotlight! Last week we asked if you would report on bikie activity or avoid getting involved – the results are in…

In a media release on October 15, 2013 Premier Campbell Newman said the government was committed to getting members of criminal motorcycle gangs off the streets of Queensland

“This government is getting tough on these criminals, whether they are on the streets or in our jails.” Campbell Newman said.

In prison, criminal motorcycle gang members will face:

·         Restricted hours out of their cell (potentially as little as one hour a day)

·         Increased drug testing

·         Frequent, proactive cell searches

·         Only one hour non-contact visits with family members per week

·         No TVs in their cells

·         No access to gymnasium facilities

·         All phone calls, other than to legal representatives, will be monitored by intelligence staff

·         Mail to be opened, searched and censored

You had your say……….

The new laws that the Newman Government have put in place regarding bikies…how they behave and who they associate with have divided opinion.  The question we put to our readers was whether they would report on bikie activity and the results are in…

Queenslanders are made of tough stuff it seems with 63% of respondents saying they would report on bikie activity, 21% saying maybe (they’d have to think about it), and only 16% saying they’d stay out of it. It seems the outlaw bikie gangs don’t scare us…