Adversity – Do you believe that adversity can make us stronger and more determined to succeed?

Nicole Warne is the stylish force behind the uber popular blog Gary Pepper Girl. While in Brisbane to attend the premiere of her Westfield film #limosine13, Nicole sat down with Laura Brodnik to discuss her beautiful life. She admitted that she was bullied as a child growing up on a farm on NSW’s Central Coast.

Adopted at just three-months-old Nicole’s South Korean and Japanese heritage lead to her being tormented at school. “I was bullied because I was one of only four other Asian kids at the school,” she says. “I was one of the only kids who looked different because most of my school were Caucasian, it was a very racist place. The bullying was why I started wearing vintage because I thought ‘why should I look like everybody else?’.

“I wanted to embrace looking different so I would go vintage shopping to buy pieces that nobody else would wear. Both women and men should be able to empower themselves through fashion. At the end of the day you have to stay to true to who you are,” Warne says. Now, at 24-years-old Nicole Warne holds the international fashion world in the palm of her hand.

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I read the story on Nicole Warne with interest. I’ve followed her blog now for a year or so and thought she led an amazing life. I’m even more impressed to know she got there from humble roots. What courage it must have taken to wear ‘vintage’ clothing to school as a young Australian-Asian girl when she was already being bullied. I have always regretted that I didn’t have the courage to be myself at school. I remember a guy in our class saying he liked ABBA long after it was trendy to like them. I, like everyone else, stirred him. What a shame I didn’t have the courage to say ‘me too!’  Leelee R., Kuraby