Travelling long distances with a toddler can be challenging but like most, holidaying is one of my greatest joys.

But now that I’m travelling long distances with a toddler in tow it’s a different story and…well…quite frankly, I’d rather go through my drug free labour again. It’s not the actual destination that is the problem. It’s the getting there. Last month I became that person nobody wants to sit beside. Would you do a long-haul journey with kids?

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I can only laugh because I’ve been there – though not 20 hours of travel.  Six hours to Bali with a two and a four-year-old was enough. Now I have a 19-month-old too (the others are now five and seven) and we are STILL not game to travel long haul. Hope the scars aren’t too great and you can have another holiday soon. Though I bet Noosa is looking pretty good right now. Vicki Loadsman, Hawthorne

It’s always interesting as a parent of three children aged four and under, to read your column.  This month’s no different as your plane account with a toddler brings back so many memories, with previous overseas trips with a baby and then a baby and toddler, and now I am not sure I actually aspire to leave the country with three. Natalie