Spencer writes that there are plenty of people doing it tough at the moment and a new career or job is hard to come by..

Just ask Brett Hansen. The 34- year-old from The Gap has worked a myriad of occupations, from a job as a janitor and dish-washer to  a job as a market-researcher and admin assistant. But for the past eighteen months, there’s been nothing. So Brett has created a job by taking matters into this own hands – as a puppeteer, creating Troggg– “the middle g is silent”. Could you start a new career and what would you do?

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I am a fulltime magician and entertainer. There is no way I ever thought I would be able to do this as a career, I was shy and reserved. Many years ago I did a six week TAFE course run by Eric Summons (Boris the Black Knight). I had been doing a few magic tricks at home but after meeting Eric I realised that this could actually be a ‘job’. An older friend invited me along to Toastmasters, I was as nervous as hell…but it proved to be one of the best things I ever did, I got the confidence to do public speaking. I like to encourage people to do what they love doing, to be brave enough to push through the restrictions that can hold them back and chase their dreams. Glen Rhodes