Living on a budget….Pensioners, students, single parents, more and more people are living on the bread line, trying to make ends meet.

Candace Stone is one example of a mother, living on a budget and raising three sons on a pension. Could you do it and what tips might you suggest?

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I read Laura’s story last night on The art of being frugal. I was really touched by the story of single mum to three boys, Candace Stone and would like to help out. Our friends are putting a care pack together for her to show her that she is not alone and we admire everything she is doing for her boys and herself. Tanya Morley, Belmont



After reading your article on The art of being frugal, I don’t know how these people manage, especially those such as Candace Stone with teenagers to bring up and having their parenting payments cut. I have $50 of washing powder I would love to give her and I can suggest the Smith Family are wonderful with getting sponsors for children to help cover costs of schooling right through until they finish high school, also info.givit is an awesome organisation that love to help out. I realise you are not a charity organisation but I think this mum is amazing coping by herself and no doubt there are many others. Thank you for your wonderful article. S.G., Sunnybank Hills


As a single mum, a taxpayer and an experienced nurse I am deeply concerned with what our current government is doing to its people. Your article The art of being frugal [bmag issue 261] introduced us to some every-day Australians doing it tough. Although I understand that these minority groups are generally the ones that have to watch their pennies, I found it very disturbing to be told that it’s acceptable to live off tinned food and to charge my phone at the local library. Why is our consumer watchdog concerned about free-range eggs, when petrol prices have reached an all-time high and oil prices have reached an 11-month low; when electricity prices are out of control and the only consolation offered to those who can’t afford it is a payment plan; when Coles and Woolworths are creating a monopoly and destroying any chance of small businesses surviving; when experienced nurses are being replaced by inexperienced graduate nurses in a public health system that is already struggling; when our politicians and Big Bank CEOs continue to give themselves enormous pay rises? A government is voted by the people for the people, so why is this government driving us to poverty and why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Yvonne Dalle, Holland Park West


It’s not surprising the lady from Holland Park is confused she’s not the only one-not by a long shot, and I’m not saying I have the answer. But if we look at the fact that Kevin Rudd didn’t have the power to save his own job, we might well ask “who’s running the country?” Could it be those that have the power must keep the people in a perpetual state of confusion to cloud the issue, as is the case right now, and wishfully hoping the people might  overlook the fact they made a mistake. We must surly realise each vote cast is for the party not the man, and must look at their past record and what impact it made on the individual. As a free citizen you have the right to sit in judgement over these issues, and to vote accordingly. Personally I think the whole system needs an overall, and look at where the big money is going. Do we really need three tiers of government and so called cities within a stones throw of each other? It costs millions of dollars just to be called a city-without the wage bill for councillors, and probably thrice that for state governments… B.Bennett, Manly



Yvonne Dalle, yes the consumer watchdog should be concerned with rising electricity prices as well as petrol costs. But you ask why are they investigating free range eggs? This is an insult to all those people who care enough to pay the extra couple of dollars for these eggs. Consumers purchase what they believe to be true. If those producers who claim their eggs to be free range eggs that is exactly what they should be. I thank all those who do consider the cruelty free ways. Maybe Yvonne should expand her thinking. Angela Murphy, Carina