Whenever John ‘Happy Bus’ Murdoch is behind the wheel of a Brisbane City Council bus, it becomes everyone feels happy!

Everybody loves John ‘Happy Bus’ Murdoch. There’s no special signage on his bus. No rainbow colour-scheme. Just a regular-looking driver and a bus-full of smiles! Is being happy contagious?

John even has his own appreciation page on facebook.  The ”about” section reads…..

This is an appreciation page for THE ‘Happy Bus’ Driver. I’ve had him as a driver a number of times now, on Brisbane 385/380 services and he is a God among men. I actually can’t think of someone who more effectively brightens bus loads of people’s days. If you’ve had him as a driver you’ll know what I’m tlaking about, if you haven’t be assured he is a truly fantastic man and in no manner can I over exaggerate how cool he is.

So yeah tell your stories about the ‘Happy Bus’ driver and share the love around. So for all intents and purposes let’s just have a big love in on the basis of The ‘Happy Bus’ Driver …

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Thanks for the lovely story on John ‘happy bus’ Murdoch. What a wonderful man! And what an amazing story he has too. I hope one day I am lucky enough to catch his bus, till then I will just keep reading your article. The world really needs more positive people like John; it is all too easy to get caught up in negativity and forget what really matters. Thanks again Spencer. Cheryl Stevenson. Lutwyche