We have compiled a list of 20 items that have been improved upon over the years but the original designs still feature heavily and can fetch a pretty penny.

People love old items and  even new items that look old. By the looks of things the vintage trend is here to stay.

The vintage look isn’t for everyone but it is certainly a popular trend and it covers multiple areas from home décor, to transport, to clothing.

The vintage clothing trend has been discussed at length so we have complied a lsit with a bit of a difference.

Check out 20 items that have been worked on over the years and changed a lot, but people still cherish and search for the older versions.

1. Clocks

Retro clocks that look old but are actually brand new are being produced and sold every day. Not many people search for a large digital clock to hang on their walls, they prefer the nostalgic look of a vintage clock.

2. Bicycles

Hipsters love bicycles, but not the road bikes with multiple gears and a water bottle holder. These days if you up with the trends you’re after a bike that wouldn’t have been out of place 50 years ago, think Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ – basket and all.

3. Signs

Another décor trend is hanging vintage signs, old subway signs, old street signs etc. Hanging an old rusty sign on your wall that was recently made in China could not be more chic.

4. Scales

You can go to any kitchen shop and buy a vintage set of scales despite there being the modern digital version (which is likely to be more accurate) sitting right next to it.

5. Kitchen Appliances

Kettles, toasters, bread boxes have all been altered over the years to fit in with any décor. However you can still find all of these items in vintage style with exaggerated dials and pastel details.

6. Suitcases and trunks

Old suitcases and trunks make a cool accent in any room, so much so that some are being produced that look like have been used for 60 years but really they were made last week.

7. Telephones

Large vintage telephones are also on trend at the moment, people generally don’t use them they just use them for decoration.

8. Cameras

Old cameras are a coveted commodity and Polaroid cameras that are sold on the market today are very popular among the younger crowd.

9. Maps

Google maps took over long ago and no one is navigating there way with paper maps anymore but people still buy large paper matts to hang on walls.

10. Stools

The humble stool has been re-designed over and over again and vintage wooden and plastic stools are still a common choice.

11. Advertisements

Large prints of old advertisements are everywhere in interior design and genuine prints can fetch quite a sum. Therefore knock-off versions are being printed in the thousands.

12. Lights

Spotlights, large industrials lights and vintage style lamps are still being made to be used in living rooms and kitchens the world over.

13. Cars

Despite high-tech new technology that so many cars have, vintage car culture is still alive and kicking.

14. Radios

Vintage looking radios are hugely popular and the real-deal can sell for thousands of dollars.

15. Cans and containers

Old cans and containers are also being heavily used in home décor, along with glass bottles.

16. Ceramic kitchenware

Colourful patterned ceramic kitchenware is still being sold and is a cute style choice.

17. Typewriters

Typewriters aren’t being used often but they are still around and writers and collectors the world over still feel the need to purchase them.

18. Video Games

Old video games are still being traded and sold especially on eBay and the like, Mario Cart anyone?

19. Records and record players

Having a record collection basically screams cool and if you have a record collection you need a record player. Many people believe vinyl sounds better than CD’s or MP3’s.

20. Books

We now have eBooks and new copies of the classics are being released with shiny covers and crisp pages, but first, second and third editions are still in demand and some even sell for more than your house.


What are your favourite vintage items?