To celebrate the upcoming Mythbusters: Behind the Myths tour, here are our top five Mythbusters moments!

1. Creamer Cannon

The Mythbusters team labelled this one of their craziest explosions ever! After seeing a YouTube video of someone putting coffee creamer over a lighter and it going up in a big flame, the Mythbusters decided to supersize it. They used giant air cannons and over 200 kilos of coffee creamer. Check out the video below to see the intense result.

2. Raising a sunken ship with ping pong balls

Using an idea from a 1949 Donald Duck story called The Sunken Yacht, the Mythbusters team attempted to raise the sunken Mythtanic II. It took 27,000 ping pong balls to raise the ship — far less than the 60,000 predicted! The team labelled the myth ‘plausible’ but said it was not very practical in terms of environmental laws.

3. Riding a motorbike across water

Jamie and Adam decided to investigate the myth that you can ride a motorbike at highway speeds across the surface of the water. Amazingly, the bike did ride along the surface for a few seconds before sinking! Have a look below!

4. Could Jack have fit on the board with Rose?

This is for the outraged ladies out there who believe that Jack definitely could have fit next to Rose and survived the sinking of Titanic. The Mythbusters team made up a board and life jackets that mirrored those used back in 1912 and tested the theory. Unfortunately, it took ‘Jack’ many times to actually climb on the board, and when he did, it caused the board to sink into the freezing water. If, however, Jack and Rose had been smart enough to tie Rose’s life jacket under the board to give them some extra buoyancy, then there is a high chance both of them would have survived! So it just may be true that Jack didn’t need to die.

5. A goldfish has a memory of three seconds

This is not true! Jamie and Adam were able to train goldfish to recognise certain colour patterns and to swim through an obstacle course. They tested them a month later and the fish were able to complete the obstacle course without any guidance. Goldfish are smarter than we think!

The Mythbusters: Behind The Myths tour comes to the Brisbane Convention Centre on Saturday 30 August and Sunday 31 August, with a matinee show on Saturday 30 August.