After Breaking Bad’s triumphant end in 2013, it seems we’re in the golden era of television – and this year is set to be just as promising…

True Detective

HBO’s epic, recently-aired series pairs Matthew McConaughey like you’ve never seen him before and Woody Harrelson in a crime thriller. The series alternates between 1995 when a satanic murder took place and the present, and unravels the story keeping viewers completely fixated. True Detective is less about the crime and more about the repercussions for those who investigate.

Season one aired in January 2014.


Mad Men

Lovers of AMC’s Breaking Bad had to bid farewell last year and now we’re also coming to the end of another of the network’s best-acted dramas Mad Men when it airs its seventh and final season in April. The show depicts the advertising magnates of New York’s Madison Avenue in the 1950s. The societal attitudes of the time towards alcoholism, sexism, adultery and racism are all explored through the lives of Don Draper, the show’s protagonist, and his coworkers.

Coming to screens: April 13


Penny Dreadful

The particular vibe of Penny Dreadful’s terror can be found somewhere between The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. The show’s narrative is still mostly a mystery, but Eva Green is set to lead the first season of the haunting, supernatural tale. Josh Harnett and Timothy Dalton will also play pivotal roles.

Coming to screens: May 11


Game of Thrones

While still getting over the trauma of the Red Wedding episode, GOT fans have been closely counting the days for the series return. The cult fantasy drama will focus on the third of George RR Martin’s seven novels, A Storm of Swords.

Coming to screens: April 6



Dominic Cooper plays James Bond creator Ian Fleming in an extravagant biopic that explores the author’s early days working as an intelligence officer. Cooper plays alongside Annabelle Wallis, Ann Charteris and Lara Pulver (Sherlock).

Season one aired January 2014


True Blood

Werewolves, fairies and shifters have all had their day in True Blood, but the seventh and final season returns to its original theme of human-vampire relationships. The hugely popular drama will conclude after the season’s 10 episodes.

Coming to screens: June 15


Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is an upcoming Breaking Bad spin-off, set to be the prequel on how Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) become Walter White’s lawyer. Although it’s currently shrouded in secrecy, Breaking Bad fans know that anything creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould touch turns to gold.

Coming to screens: November TBC



8-year-old Jacob wakes up alone in a rural Chinese paddock with no idea how he got there. The series follows his return to his hometown Arcadia in the USA, where deceased loved ones have begun to reappear.

Season one aired March 2014.



The American comedy-drama aired in 2007 and follows the troubled writer Hank Moody during his complicated relationships and sexual escapades in California. The seventh season will conclude the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning show.

Coming to screens: April 13


Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey, an award-winning British drama, is one of the most widely-watched television shows in the world. It follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family in their fictional estate, Downtown Abbey.

Season four began on February 23. Watch at 8:30pm Sunday on Channel 7.


Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is a mockumentary-style comedy that depicts government bureaucracy through Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her department. By the second season, the political satire features an all-star cast, with many real-life political figures also making appearances, such as US Vice President Joe Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Coming to screens: Season seven TBC 2014


The Good Wife

Golden Globe Award winner Julianna Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, a wife and mother who reclaims control after her husband is involved in a sex and political corruption scandal.

Season five airs March 2014. Watch at 9:30pm Wednesdays on Channel Ten.



Looking is the boys’ answer to the Girls series. Jonathon Groff leads the heartfelt, comedic drama which follows the lives of three gay men looking for love in San Francisco, with varying success.

Season one aired January 2014.



The Vikings series is like the History Channel meets action film. The Canadian-Irish drama is inspired by the tales of the mythological Ragnar Lodbrok, a viking who scourged Europe in the 13th century.

Coming to screens: Season three TBC 2014.


The Red Road

Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) plays an ex-con and tribe member who forms an uneasy alliance with Sheriff Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson in Secrets and Lies). The Red Road demands patience, but it’s the sort of show that sits with you long after it’s over.

Season one aired February 2014.


About a Boy

The series is a single-camera sitcom developed from the 1998 novel by Nick Hornby. Like the movie featuring Hugh Grant, David Walton plays Wil, an unrepentant man-child who becomes involved with his neighbour and her young son.

Season one aired February 2014.



Believe combines science fiction, fantasy and adventure, in a series that follows an ex-con protecting a young girl with special powers. Under the direction of Alfonso Cuaron, Academy Award winner for Gravity, there is good reason to Believe in the show’s merit.

Season one aired March 2014.


Black Sails

Despite the multitude and success of Pirate-themed movies, there hasn’t been a television series to match – until now. Set as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, its first episode was released on YouTube, and has since exploded into popularity.

Season one aired January 2014.



The BBC’s Sherlock, led by Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the titular character, has consecutively received high ratings and accolades for its clever approach to the crime-thriller genre. It’s the most-watched drama series of the decade in the UK.

Season three aired January 2014.



Silence of the Lambs antagonist Hannibal Lecter has been injected with new life in this television series. It’s set as a psychological-thriller and prequel, depicting the years before the rampaging cannibal is caught.

Season two aired February 2014. 

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