Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is for couples to celebrate their love, but this doesn’t mean that singles can’t have fun too.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love – so spread it all around with our top 14 tips for the 14 February, because Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be disappointing!

1. Celebrate with other single friends

You don’t have to buy anyone a cheesy gift or go on a boring, “romantic” date that your clueless partner set up – I’ll drink to that! Pop some champagne, play some killer tunes, and hit the town to celebrate not being tied down!

2. Volunteer

Spread the love in your community by volunteering this Valentine’s Day. Help out at a soup kitchen, walk some dogs at the RSPCA, or spend time entertaining children in hospital – you’ll be feeling the love in a heartbeat!

3. Use Tinder to find love

The Fox Hotel is hosting an ‘I heart Tinder’ party on Dandys Rooftop, so go along and enjoy food, drink and beautiful views – and don’t forget to set your Tinder range to 1km and start swiping to find any immediate matches also enjoying the Fox’s hospitality.

4. Distribute baked goods

Nothing says “love” like taking the time and effort to bake sweet things, so make some heart-shaped cookies or pink-frosted cupcakes and give to friends or coworkers to brighten their V-Day. You never know who could be in desperate need of sugar to counteract some Valentine’s woes…

5. Go speed-dating

Cram a dozen Valentine’s dates into one evening by going to a speed-dating night. Fast Impressions is holding two different speed dating sessions this week so you can find a Valentine, pronto!

6. Find inner peace

Avoid the stress of feeling lonely by attending a yoga workshop with Shri Yoga – get in touch with your inner yogi and find love and joy in the simple act of breathing and bending.

7. Random act of kindness

Pay it forward with a random act of kindness – pay for a coffee for someone else in the line, leave a gift for someone in a public place, or let someone cut in front of you at the bank; any small, random act of kindness could make both your and a stranger’s day.

8. Passion party

Sticks Bar at Chalk Hotel is holding a Passion’s Playground – Valentines Day Singles Party for all sophisticated singles wanting to mingle. Enjoy cocktails, dancing and party games with like-minded singletons.

9. Love your family

Through thick and thin they’re always there for you – do something sweet and unexpected for your family this Valentines Day to show them how much you care. Throw a family dinner, buy them all gifts, or surprise Mum with flowers (Dad will probably forget the date anyway).

10. Treat yourself

There’s only one person that will be with you your entire life, so why not show some TLC for the best person in your life – you! Book a massage, buy yourself a beautiful gift, treat yourself to cupcakes – whatever it may be, show yourself the love you deserve this V-Day.

11. Get your flirt on

The Stock Exchange Hotel is hosting an SMS Flirt Party, which means interactive messaging through a four storey projection screen and 12 in-venue plasma television sets. Feeling grumpy this V-Day? Bring in a pic of your ex to shred and the hotel will “give you the gift that your ex never got you”!

12. Add some fiesta to your Friday

Sign up for a class and learn some new moves and dance your way into someone’s heart!

13. Love your library

Brisbane City Council libraries are inviting book-lovers to a free morning tea for a chat about loving libraries and most-loved literature – head along to socialise and meet like-minded people who share your interests!

14. Learn a love language

Woo your next dreamboat with a bit of Italian, French or Spanish – take a class or download an app and learn how to say ‘I love you’ in another language.

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Let us know how you’ll be spreading the love!