Are you tired of leaving the same boring snacks out for Santa and his Reindeer every year? We’ve heard from Santa that you need some suggestions so you can mix things up for the big guy in red.

Christmas time means Santa, a mysterious white-bearded man who enters the house to leave presents for good children.

Parents have been enjoyed convincing their little ones of his existence for decades, bringing a little magic and goodwill into everyone’s life.

It has become a Christmas tradition to leave out snacks for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve to thank them for delivering gifts and give them enough energy to complete their journey.

Woe betide the bleary-eyed parents who forget to consume some of the snacks in the early hours of the morning. Children love to wake up and see that all the snacks have been eaten and Santa really did come!

Make it easy on yourself and Santa with these great snacks.

Santa Snacks

All  of these snacks will be gladly consumed by Santa on his long journey. Some of these treats are quick and easy for the busy family other or make a night of it and cook up a storm for Santa.

1. Beer

2. Christmas cookies

3. Milk

4. Rum balls

5. Sandwiches

6. Fruit mince pies

7. Party pies and sausage rolls

8. Christmas Cake

9. Chocolates

10. Decorated cup cakes


Reindeer Snacks

For Santa’s furry friends the reindeer, any of these snacks will keep them fueled and ready to fly.

11.  Carrots

12. Bucket of water

13. Oats

14. Hay


16. Celery

17. Lettuce

18. Christmas biscuits

19. Sugar cubes

20. Reindeer food – glitter and oatmeal


What do you usually leave out for Santa? Did it make it on our list?

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