There are so many superstitions and traditions surrounding New Year’s Eve, we explain the strangest from around the world.

We have searched the web and found some of the most interesting and downright mental New Year’s Eve traditions from across the globe. Have a read and see if your family embraces any of these superstitions.

1. A grape a second
In Spain they hale in the New Year by eating 12 grapes in quick succession, in time to the 12 bell chimes. Apparently this will ensure good luck and happiness for 12 months of the year.

2. Banging on the pots and pans
Our friends across the ocean in New Zealand celebrate the New Year by banging on pots and pans and making a whole heap of noise. Some cultures believe that loud noises at midnight will ward off bad spirits.

3. Break a plate
In Denmark everyone saves their old and chipped plates throughout the year to throw at the friends and families doorsteps on New Year’s Eve. Apparently the bigger the pile of dishes out the front of your home when midnight hits, the more close friends you have.

4. Colourful Underwear
In South and Central American countries the colour of your underwear can bring you certain things for the New Year. Wear yellow and you will increase your fortune, wear pink or red for love.

5. Burn a Scarecrow
In Ecuador to bring in the New Year by burning a Newspaper stuffed Scarecrow, to signify burning the bad things from the past year and the bad luck for the New Year.

6. White Party
In Brazil many people wear white on New Year’s Eve to scare away bad spirits.

7. Polka dots
If white isn’t your thing then wear polka dots like some do in the Philippines, as the circle represents prosperity.

8. A walk and a light load
Colombians walk around their blocks with empty suitcases to ensure a year full of safe travel.

9. Sweep away
In Chile many will sweep out their entire homes to rid their lives of bad energy for the New Year.

10. Grave visits
Also Chile many will pull up a seat at their family’s graves to celebrate the New Year, so all generations can celebrate together.

11. Pucker up 
A popular one in western culture especially here in Australia, celebrate in the New Year with a kiss to ensure a year free of loneliness and bad spirits.

12. Special Champagne
The Russians like to write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn it then throw the ashes in their champagne glasses and finish their drinks before the clock reads 12:01.

13. Jump a few waves

People in Brazil jump seven waves at the beach  to ensure good luck for seven days of the week.

14. Fireworks

Another loud bright activity to scare of evil spirits. The Chinese not only invented fireworks but made them popular sight on New Year’s, even though they celebrate the Lunar New Year which this year falls in late January.

15. Greek Santa 

In Greece children do not receive their visit from Santa until New Year’s Eve, they celebrate the birth of Jesus on January 7th.

Share with us your weird and wonderful New Year’s Eve traditions and we will add them to our list.