Are you having a New Year’s eve party tonight? Make sure you have all of these New Year’s Eve party essentials, so you and your party guests welcome the New Year with a bang.

So you’ve decided to host a New Year’s Eve Party and you need some advice on what party essentials to buy so your party is the best New Year’s Eve party ever. Well between the food and the drinks and the napkins (basically all the boring stuff) these are the New Year’s Eve party essentials that will make your party be remembered well into the New Year.

Party Essentials

1. Novelty cups – for a bit of extra colour and festivity

2. Poppers -for midnight celebrations

3. Glass Labels  – so everyone knows which glass is theirs.

4. Party Hats – so everyone look festive.

5. Novelty Sunglasses – just because you can.

6. Straws – to drink.

7. Streamers-  for midnight throwing.

8. Noise makers – So your party can be heard at midnight.

9. Champagne – to celebrate.

10. Nibbles  –  to break up the Champagne and other beverages.

11. Music –  to get everyone dancing.

12. Headbands – with 2014 or Happy New Year on them.

13. Photo wall – for all those 2013 memories.

14. Camera – for evidence of shenanigans.

15. Glow sticks – to light up the night.

16.Party games – to break the ice .

17. Countdown clock – so you don’t miss midnight

18. Sparklers -to write in the sky

19.  Confetti and glitter – to make a fun mess

20. 2014 sign – so everyone knows why they are there.

What else do you think are New Year’s Eve party essentials?