If you are hosting an Australia Day party, here is a list of 20 Aussie Day essentials to make your party scream Australian pride.

Australia Day rolls around once a year, is generally sweltering and full of beers, friends and fun.

Every year there are thousands of Australia Day events, traditions to remember and Aussie icons to revere.

Australia is a compelling country and we certainly have a lot for which to be thankful.

If you are hosting a party, or just want to get in the spirit of things, here are 15 essential items to make sure your Australia Day party truly celebrates our great nation.

1. Australian Flags

Wave your Aussie flags high, drape them over your shoulders and hang them all over the place.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great way to show your Aussie pride – temporarily!

3. Esky/Ice

An Aussie icon and a must have at an Australia day party to keep the beverages ice cold.

4. Novelty Sunglasses

Since Australia Day is generally celebrated during the day sunglasses are necessary, make them fun and grab some novelty one with kangaroos or Australian flags on them.

5. Hats

Whether they are Australian themed (cork hats, Akubras etc.) or just plain sun safe, a hat on Australia Day is a must and if you can supply some novelty hats that can also provide sun protection then your guests will love you for it.

6. Vegemite

Whether you smear it on bread or each other Vegemite is a must have at any Australia Day party.

7. Thongs

Another Aussie icon. thongs are a must have on Australia Day, and the easiest shoes to kick off and jump in the pool.

8. Lamingtons

A classic Aussie treat that the whole family will enjoy and perfect for afternoon tea!

9. Aussie Anthems

Make sure you have some great music planned for your party, including some classic Aussie Anthems or Triple J’s Hottest 100.

10. Sunscreen/Zinc

Keep youself, and your family, covered in sunscreen to avoid sunburn and add some coloured zinc to make things fun.

11. Beverages

Any Aussie Day party needs a great selection of beverages to keep the guests hydrated – beer, wine, water, soft drink, juice.

12. Pavlova

A delicious Aussie dessert to finish your meal!

13. Pool toys

If you are having a pool party pool toys are a must. They’re a great way to keep younger ( and in some cases older) guests entertained.

14. Cricket set

Backyard cricket is an Aussie past time that we enjoy all summer, so keep the cricket set handy and decide what rules you are going to play.

15. Aussie Onesie

One way to show your Aussie pride from head to toe, is the Aussie onesie. Yes, you can now buy onesies that are covered in the Australian flag.

16. Games

If you want to go above and beyond, plan some Australian-themed games like pin the tail on the kangaroo.

17. Barbecue

Every Aussie party needs a barbecue to fry up delicious sausages and sizzling steaks.

18. Tomato and Barbecue Sauce

Sauces for you barbecue lunch are a major item. Everyone loves a sausage on bread with tomato sauce.

19. Kangaroos and Koalas

A big stuffed kangaroo or a cuddly toy koala will make you believe some Aussie wildlife has come to play.

20. Aussie stubby holders

Keep those hands comfortable with a selection of Australian stubby holders.

What other Australia Day essentials will you have at your Australia Day party?