Check our list of geek must haves and find out whether you’ve packed what you need to board the Starship Enterprise…

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s stake

Before vampires glittered in the sun, one girl had the strength and skill to fight vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s stake is the ultimate geek weapon of choice after one of the world’s greatest heroes wielded it against terrifying (and sometimes hilarious) evil.

2. Wardrobe to Narnia

As a child, who didn’t dream of stepping into Narnia through a wardrobe in the spare room? The wardrobe from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe has delighted fans for generations. With this wardrobe you could find yourself sipping tea with Mr. Tumnus or battling the White Witch – depending on your morals and luck.

3. The Doctor’s TARDIS

Any geek worth their collectables will have The Doctor’s TARDIS on their wish list. A TARDIS can transport its occupants to any time and place. The Doctor’s TARDIS, permanently stuck as a 1960s-style London police box due to a broken chameleon circuit, is iconic in geek culture.

4. The Elder wand

Accio wand! Having a legendary, powerful wand on hand would definitely give you some weight in the wizarding world. Scare off your enemies with a Bat-Bogey Hex or speed up cleaning with Scourgify! And while we’re making geeky wishes, our very own owl wouldn’t go astray either…

5. An Electronic Thumb

Ever have trouble flagging down a passing spaceship? Take a tip from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and grab yourself an Electronic Thumb to score a free ride around the cosmos. Just don’t forget your towel.

6. Lightsaber

Is the force strong with you? What’s your midi-chlorian count like? Learn to wield this futuristic sword of light and become a Jedi Master… or turn to the Dark Side and focus on empire-domination, the choice is yours.

7. Activated Stargate

Want to travel through wormholes to distant worlds? All you need is a Stargate. Beware hostile alien lifeforms.

8. Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer)

Necessary for saving the world, hurling yourself through the air, and in epic sibling rivalry disputes.

9. Sonic Screwdriver

Lockpick, medical scanner, remote control, alien tracker – this is no simple screwdriver. Not completely necessary when exploring all time and space, but definitely handy when you’re in a pinch.

10. Iron Throne

To rule the Seven Kingdoms, one must sit upon a throne made from a thousand swords of vanquished men and forged in the breath of the greatest dragon – and if you have a spare $30,000, you can leave all the manipulating, marrying and battling out of it.

11. Dragonballs

Collect all seven, summon a dragon, and have a wish granted (like maybe wishing Buffy back on the air, or finally receiving your Hogwarts letter). Too easy.

12. The One Ring

One Ring to rule them all… have aspirations of Middle-Earth domination? This is your ticket to the top. Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, the only way to destroy it is to return it to where it was created. Whether planning to keep it or destroy it, this stylish gold band is always in demand.

13. Firebolt

This state-of-the-art racing broom has unsurpassed balance and pinpoint precision – every Quidditch player’s dream ride, this is a broom with aerodynamic perfection. Notably, Firebolts were the broom of choice for both teams in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

14. Batmobile

Whether chasing down colourful villains or just cruising the streets of Gotham, the Batmobile provides undeniable street cred.

15. Neuralyzer (from Men in Black)

If you’re going to run around with aliens and spooks, you need some sort of device to keep the general public unsuspecting. A Neuralyzer will be just the trick – just make sure you’ve got a good story ready to replace the missing memories.

16. A bow (and the skill to shoot it)

A bow is becoming the weapon of choice among heroes such as Legolas, Hawkeye and Katniss, so head to your local archery range and polish up your skills – they’ll be useful in any pending zombie apocalypse, too.

17. DeLorean

Steal a little plutonium or, if you have the Mr. Fusion model generator, keep your scraps from lunch, then accelerate to 88 miles per hour to kick in the flux capacitor and you’ll be headed back off to the future in no time.

18. Pikachu

This one Pokemon is somehow the best in the world – not only is Pikachu almost unbeatable in regular battle, he’s also the target of multitudes of nefarious kidnapping plots. He’s that good. And he’s your best friend.

19. Wizard’s staff

Where would Gandalf be without his staff? Where would any Wizard? Aside from a hat, a staff is all you really need to be to qualify as ‘wizard’. Something has got to focus all your magical powers and help you climb mountains on quests, after all

20. Iron Man’s suit

Who needs superpowers like strength, flight or invincibility when you can create all that in one nifty piece of body armour? Use brains not brawn to save the world and each day you’ll come home happily to your mansion and multi-billion dollar company.

What are your favourite geek items? Let us know what geek pieces you wish you owned!