Add a bit of humour to your Christmas Day festivities with these hilarious Christmas shirts!

1. Surfer Santa

The stalwart of Australian Christmas imagery, this surfer Santa shirt encapsulates all that is summer Christmas Down Under – sunnies, board shorts and enthusiasm for the beach.


2. Dear Santa

Been naughty or nice this year? Maybe you have one last chance to make your excuses…

3. Three Kings

Nothing like a good Christmas pun to bring smiles to faces on Christmas Day.

4. Game of Thrones/Game of Christmas

For those that want to add a little fantasy to their festivities.

5. Untangle your tinsel

Christmas is a stressful time – tell people to calm down with this cheeky shirt.


6. Dinosaur jokes aren’t extinct

Nothing like a small-armed T-Rex to make you appreciate what you have at Christmas time.

7. Cat shirts

Appeals to pet lovers and those guilty of stealing cookies.

8. It’s the effort that counts

Santa will listen to reason, surely…


9. Keep calm over Christmas

The quintessential “Keep Calm” motto has been refreshed for the silly season.

10. For the night owls

Presents are a better stimulant than coffee after all.

11. For the morbid among us

Some people just aren’t happy with a simple Christmas mug and candy canes.

12. Snowman gags

Will melt even the iciest hearts.

13. Mistletoe romance

Like Vegas, but more festive.


14. Christmas is cancelled

Santa needs time off sometimes too…

15. The ugly Christmas sweater look is so in

Who needs reindeer when you have unicorns?

16. A sporting Christmas

Rudolph’s a try-hard anyway, Team Dasher all the way!

17. Walk the plank!

A pirate-y Christmas it is…yarrr!

18. Gangsta Santa

Are you a (w)rapper or a homeboy? Either way, a novelty shirt will show all the family how gangsta you really are this Christmas time.


19. Doggone Christmas

And last but not least – don’t let your pooch miss out on the festive fun this Christmas! Kit out your furry friend in a funny little hoodie or t-shirt made specifically for them.

Are you going to be naughty or nice this Christmas? And which shirt best matches your personality? Let us know!