Are you looking for a spot for your next night out? Need a cocktail? Here are a few great cocktail spots around Brisbane.

Brisbane is developing a cocktail culture, with plenty of premium locations to enjoy a range of sweet, sour, strong, tall and short cocktails. Brisbane even has it’s very own search for the best cocktail bar tender, a true battle of creativity and skill. So what are some of the best spots to enjoy a cocktail in our fine city, check out the list below and feel free to share any suggestions.

1. Emporium Hotel Cocktail Bar 

The Emporium hotel cocktail bar really is the crème de la crème of cocktail bars by any standards. The setting is sublime (baby grand anyone?) and live entertainment adds to the atmosphere. The cocktail range is also impressive, they do the classics well and still have a large selection of unique tasty drinks. The Emporium is great for a special occasion or Christmas drinks, be warned the drinks are by most standards considered expensive but the quality matches the price.

2. Cloudland

Famous for its extravagant interiors and sky high ceiling, Cloudland is a well known high-end spot for a drink. They too have a nice range including the classics (their cosmos are particularly good) and some more personalized drinks. The bar tenders here are pros and you will get good quality cocktails with all the trimmings, plus there is so much to look at while you are enjoying your drinks.

3. Bacchus Bar

One for the movers and shakers. Bacchus Bar is one of only places in Brisbane where you can enjoy poolside cocktails and tapas. A beautiful setting to enjoy some great drinks with friends, but like a lot of spots on our list since it is one of the best, on a weekend it can get crowded.

4. Limes Hotel Rooftop Bar

Limes has just had a massive makeover and now this rooftop bar is truly something. They have hot tubs on the roof so you can sit amongst the bubbles and enjoy a drink. it does get a bit rowdy on weekends, but most of the time it maintains its pleasant atmosphere since it is high above street level. It’s a great spot to enjoy the summer breeze and a popular spot for after work drinks.

5. French Martini

A cute restaurant in the heart of South Bank, this one is perfect for a meal with cocktails. With its French inspired menu and drinks French Martini has some great choices that maybe a little out of the ordinary. Plus the table service is great and some staff even speak French.

There are so many cocktail spots to choose from in Brisbane, why don’t you help us finish our list. Where do you like to relax with a cocktail?  Let us know on our Facebook page or by commenting below and we can add it to our list.