Rediscover classic school yard games that are still being played around the world today!

1. Elastics

It’s the simple toy that brings a lot of joy. Elastics are long elastic bands, around two metres long. They are stretched between two players, and can be placed round different parts of the body, with both players having them round their ankles, knees or waists. The other players then jump the elastics.

2. Marbles

There are more than 100 ways to play marbles but all games are based on the same principal. The players roll, toss, or flick a shooter marble at the target marbles until all of the target marbles are gone.

3. Hopscotch

With this game it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to school yard fun! Draw up the numbered boxes on the concrete outside with some chalk and then throw a stone at a chalked number and hop to the number and back without losing your balance.

4. Yo Yo’s

Practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering yo yo tricks. Tricks like Walk The Dog and Around The World are always crowd pleases on the playground.

5. Chain Tag

This one is a lot like tag except the tables have been turned in favour of the tipper. When you get tagged by the person who is “it” you have to link arms and help “it” catch the other players until everyone is linked together and one player is left with nowhere to run!

6. What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

One kid is named as Mr Wolf while the others form a line. The first person in line calls out, “what’s the time Mr. Wolf?” and if responds with a number, they can take a step forward. When he yells, “Dinner time!” everyone runs for their life and has to avoid being caught.

7. Clapping games

Try My Mother Said, Pat-a-cake, My Boyfriend and Miss Susie are the all-time clapping classics. There are few new ones now, but girls are still playing clapping games today!

8. Pick-up sticks

The aim of the game is to take turns removing a stick from a pile without disturbing the others. Simple in theory, but provides amusement for multiple lunchtimes!

9. Leapfrog

One kid is the frog, and the other must leap over them. This alternates as pairs race each other to the finish line – bruises should be expected from this game.

10. Chinese whispers

Sitting in a circle, the game begin with one person whispering a sentence into the ear of the kid next to them. This message is passed around the group – and when it get backs to the beginning the message is always entirely different from what was originally said!

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