After Christmas most households will have plenty of delicious Christmas ham leftover. Check out our suggestions on what to make with your leftover ham.

Christmas Day has come to an end and in the sea of leftovers that are filling up your fridge you most likely have a huge leg of delicious ham that could feed a some village.

1. Sandwiches

After Christmas Day you are going to want to have a break from the kitchen, so use your leftover ham to make delicious sandwiches. Try Mustard, lettuce and ham for a simple but delicious meal, leave it fresh or you can try toasting it to add some crunch and melt the cheese.

2. Pasta

Add your leftover ham to your mac and cheese recipe or throw in some chili with your ham and tomato base to make a pasta dish with some spice.

3. Salad

Add ham to your garden salad or accompany some of your fresh ham with a delicious coleslaw.

4. Quiche

Grab some frozen pastry and make a quiche with your ham, a quiche is the perfect dish to serve to unexpected guests.

5. Casseroles

There are so many casserole recipes that use ham and some of them are seriously delicious and so easy!

6. Fried Rice

Make up some fried rice with your leftover ham, the whole family will love it.


Christmas ham is great for making soup, use the delicious meat or even the bone to make your soup flavorsome and delicious.

8. Pizza

Save calling the local Pizza joint after Christmas and make a Hawaiian pizza with your ham, the kids will love it, plus if you pre-purchase the bases it doesn’t take much time or effort.

9. Muffins

Ham and cheese muffins are a great savory treat that make a great morning or afternoon snack, perfect while the kids are on holidays.

10. Pies

Try your hand at making a ham, leak and potato pie this holidays.

11. Risotto

Risottos are delicious when they are done right so give one a go before you head back to work, just use your leftover ham, some peas and mushrooms for a great risotto dish.

12. Omelettes

The breakfast of champions, Omelettes are a great way to start the day. Just add some ham, tomato and cheese to your omelette or if you want to go a little fancy go for goat’s cheese, leftover ham, capers and shallots.

13. Tarts

Ham and asparagus tarts are easy to make and taste great.

14. Burgers

Grab some delicious slices of leftover ham and heat them up, put some coleslaw or your favorite burger ingredients on a bun with the ham and you have a delicious burger ready to eat.

15. Baked potatoes

Bake some potatoes in the oven and smother them in melted cheese, ham and sour cream a delicious dish, that must be enjoyed in moderation.

What else do you like to cook with your leftover ham?