Are you looking for a movie so you can escape the heat and get a break from your family after a crazy Christmas? We have compiled a list of movies being released on Boxing Day and early in the New Year so you know exactly whats on offer.

Boxing Day Movies

1. Frozen  – Boxing Day

This one looks like a bit of fun,  a Disney film based around an icy adventure. Follow Anna and  Kristoff as they try to find Anna’s sister whose magic has trapped their land in eternal winter. Plus there is a hilarious snowman named Olaf who is around causing trouble.

Golden Globe Nomination:

Best Animated Feature Film

2.  The Hobbit  – The Desolation of Smaug  – Boxing Day

I know there are a few people who will be first in line to see this one on Boxing Day (Guilty!). We again join Bilbo on his unexpected journey with the Dwarves and Gandalf, they have escaped the msity mountains but now face even more danger as they travel

3. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Boxing Day

The trailer for this one looks really intriguing, it star Ben Stiller as a office worker who zones in and out of reality creating elaborate fantasy sequences. To save his job Walter must go on a adventure around the world and he experiences some amazing things along the way.

4. The Railway Man  – Boxing Day

A returning war victim (Colin Firth) is tormented by his memories and must overcome them with the help of his wife (Nicole Kidman). Based on Eric Lomax’s best selling memoir this one looks like an amazing true story not to be missed.

5. Philomena  – Boxing Day

A world-weary journalist discovers the story of a women’s (Judi Dench)  search for her long lost son who was taken from her long ago before she was forced into a convent.

Golden Globe Nominations:

Best Motion Picture (drama)

Best Actress in a motion picture (drama)  – Judi Dench

Best Screenplay


New Year Movies

6. Walking with Dinosaurs – 1st January

Anyone interested in Dinosaurs is sure to enjoy this 3D experience that promises to make audiences believe they are actually walking with dinosaurs.

7. Blue Jasmine – 8th January

A Woody Allen film – Blue Jasmine follows the story of a New York housewife(Cate Blanchett) in a crisis. Not the most promising synopsis but with the combination of Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett, you can’t go wrong, right?

Golden Globe Nomination:

Best Actress in a motion picture ( drama)  -Cate Blanchett

Best Supporting Actress in a motion picture (drama)  -Sally Hawkins

8. The Book Thief – 9th January

Another adaption , this one has a lot of pressure on it to live up to the success of the book. It tells the story of young Liesel as she faces the horrors of worn-torn Germany during World War 2. Liesel steals book and shares them with others,  while the world is falling a part around her.

Golden Globe Nomination:

Best Original Score – Motion Picture

9. Saving Mr. Banks – 9th January

This film tells the story of author P.L. Travers and the making of her iconic book Mary Poppins into a film. Travers played by Emma Thompson reflect on her own childhood, whilst she develops Mary Poppins into a film with Walt Disney (Tom Hanks). This one is definitely near the top of my must see list. 

Golden Globe Nomination:

Best Actress in a motion picture ( drama)  – Emma Thompson

10. The Wolf of Wall Street  23rd January

LEONARDO DICAPRIO, now that i have your attention – The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort ( Leo) and his tumultuous life as a stockbroker, from the ridiculous wealth to the corruption and crime.

Golden Globe Nomination:

Best motion picture (musical or comedy)

Best Actor in a motion picture (musical or comedy) – Leonardo Dicaprio


What other movies are you looking forward to seeing over the holidays? Let us know and we will add them to our list.

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