Having a bad day? If you need to lift your mood we have 20 tips that can help you feel brand new and ready to face the day.

Hump Day has arrived and if you have just returned to work you might be struggling to keep your mood light.

Sometimes the smallest of things can help you lift your mood and make dealing with a challenging day bearable.

Next time you are feeling down try one of these really simple mood lifting activities and you might be surprised by how quickly your mood improves.

1. Listen to your favourite song.

2. Have a hot beverage like a tea or hot chocolate

3. Go through old photos that remind you of good times.

4. Do some light exercise like walking around the block.

5. Recall the last compliment you received and how good it made you feel.

6. Buy yourself a present – like that bag you have had your eye on or flowers.

7. Spend some time with a furry friend.

8. Watch a funny video online.

9. Make a new aspiration or goal.

10. Eat a light meal.

11. Make sure you are hydrated.

12. Search for inspirational quotes and write five down.

13. Volunteer to help others.

14. Watch your favourite movie or TV show.

15. Bake something like cookies or cupcakes.

16. Eat food rich in Omega 3 like fish or walnuts.

17. Have some alone time – go to a movie by yourself.

18. Burn some fragrant oils or your favourite scented candle.

19. Eat a piece of chocolate.

20. Sit in the sunshine.

How do you lift your mood?