Do you like adventure? Where are the best adventure sports in Greater Brisbane?

Know of any local adventure activities? Add them to our list via comments below and let’s get it up to 20!

1.Abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Step off the edge of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and into a vertical world! As you wait in anticipation to hear your name being called for your turn – stand back and enjoy the uninterrupted views of Brisbane and watch the CityCats, boats and kayakers skim across the meandering river!  Now that is adventure! Enjoy a stunning view as you abseil down the 20 metre high cliffs under the watchful eye of instructors.

2.Top Gun Paintball

Each player is armed with a paint ball gun while roaming the 60 acre venue in the hope of catching out their friends.Paintball is like a game of tag and chess combined. Determination and the ability to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a star.

3.Rocksports Indoor Climbing

Strap on a harness and put your climbing skills to the test at this indoor centre. Walls of varying levels of difficulty are available.

4.Night-time kayaking on the Brisbane River

Experience the city at night while steering your own kayak down the river.

5.City Rollerblading

Get around town with wheels on your feet and explore Brisbane in the ultimate express lane while rollerblading past the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, through South Bank or over the Goodwill Bridge.

Let us know more adventure sports in Greater Brisbane to add to the list and maybe your experiences too!