It is time to start thinking about going back to school. Here is a list of 20 things you need to do so you and your kids are prepared to face another year of school.

Back to school time is upon us and there is so much to get done it can seem a little overwhelming at times.

To help you get organised here is a list of 20 tasks that you need to tackle before school starts up again and the year turns into a blur of school lunches, soccer practice and the morning drop-off.

1. Buy school supplies – everything from books, pencils and lunch boxes.

2. Check that uniforms still fit and buy new ones when necessary.

3. Do a clean out and throw out any old, useless school materials from last year (remember to recycle).

4. Set up a study area.

5. Plan some quick and easy school lunches.

6. Stock up on drinks to keep the kids hydrated – like poppers and pop tops.

7. Work out if the kids will need to go to before and after school-care.

8. Check your children’s vaccinations are up-to-date and if the need to get any this year.

9. Haircuts – make sure all the school-goers have nice neat hair for day one.

10. Decide if your children will be participating in any extra-curricular activities. Find out what the dates are and buy any necessary equipment.

11. Relax and have some family time.

12. Reset bed-times and wake-up times so the kids are in a routine before the first day.

13. If you are starting at a new school, practice the route you will take to get there.

14. Work-out a system to monitor homework and assignments.

15. Set goals, no matter what the age of your child, get them to set themselves some personal goals for which to strive.

16. Make sure you have all the necessary textbooks/novels.

17. Make sure your child knows how to contact you either by mobile or phoning from the head office.

18. Check that school shoes still fit, are in good condition and are polished nicely.

19. For the girls trial some cool back-to school hairstyles like braids and buns.

20. Refresh your kids’ knowledge by sitting them down to read a book or work on some math problems

What do you have to do before school returns? Let us now and we will add them to our list.