From weird sayings to Drop Bears, here is a list of 20 things that are quintessentially Australian. Aussies are an interesting bunch and this list just proves there is no place like Australia.

1. Our coin sizes make absolutely no sense, the one dollar coin is almost twice the size of the two dollar coin and then there is the gigantic 50 cents.

2. Australia has nine out of the 10 most dangerous snakes just slithering around in people’s back yards.

Kath and Kim3. We have a huge amount of strange looking, offensive, bogan characters in movies and on television, we apparently don’t like boring good –looking characters; Kath and Kim (pictured), J’aime, Mick Dundee ( Crocodile Dundee), Steve Karamitsis( The Wog Boy), Muriel Heslop (Muriels’ Wedding).

4. People slam words together at random and make it a popular saying – G’day, D’reckn, HOWZAAAAT.

5. We choose our own word for things – Esky, thongs, stubbies. Even our own country’s name has morphed into “Straya”.

6. Slip Slop Slap is a mantra many try to follow and some choose to blatantly ignore, even though you could wear a birka in this country and still get sunburnt.

7. We put an ‘o’ at the end of a noun and it automatically turns into a plausible alternative – arvo, rego, servo, smoko etc.

8. The Bureau of Metrology had to add a new colour to their weather charts because weather in Australia just got too hot , black wasn’t enough so they had to start the colour spectrum again with purple.


9. For a few weeks every year one of our bird species (Magpies) goes rogue and starts gauging people eyes out. As soon as someone suggest shooting one everyone says “No, what about its babies?”.

10. Aussie’s cannot get enough of footy. Which footy you may ask? Well there are four codes of sport that qualify as some variation of footy, so take your pick.

11. We claim famous people from New Zealand as our own until they screw up, then they’re Kiwi’s through and through (Russel Crowe, Robbie Deans, Kimbra, the list goes on).

13. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke can scull a beer at lightning speed and we respect him so much more for it.12. Our names for cities and towns sound like gibberish – Woolloomooloo , Wogga Wogga, Ozenkadnook, Wee Waa.

14. Canberra is our capital city even though it is perhaps one of the most boring major cities in Australia; many people from overseas think Sydney is our capital.

15. Going through Customs in Australia is a terrifying experience. You have to check your bag four times just to make sure there isn’t a stray orange rolling around.

16. There is a fictional place called Woop-woop located in the middle of nowhere.

17. Drop bears (pictured below ) – We make up fictitious creatures to make our country seem more terrifying as if the thousands of spiders, deadly snakes, and crocodiles weren’t enough.

18. We are known for wrestling crocs, but we also think swimming with sharks unprotected is a laugh.

drop bear

19. In most countries a heat wave causing 40 plus temperatures would cause a major sporting event to be postponed. In Australia we say get on the court – feel the burn!

20. Aussie cuisine is synonymous with junk food. The only foods we have ever actually invented (or have claimed to invent) will make you gain five kilos just by looking at them – Tim Tams, bacon and egg pies, lamingtons, Chiko rolls – to see a full list of Aussie foods click here.

What do you think of our list? Is there anything else you think could only happen in Australia ?