What will you be eating on Australia Day? Check our list of Aussie food favourites for inspiration.

Australia Day is approaching and the big questions are what to do and what to eat.

Aussie food culture is extremely multicultural – we all enjoy curries, stir-fries, pasta and pizza.

So what foods can be classified as quintessentially Australian? There are Aussie foods which we have invented, and then there are those which we have adopted as our own and have been embedded on the Australian menu.

Some of the food listed below are obvious and cliche, others may surprise you. Australians love a range of foods from sweet treats like pavlova and Tim Tams to savory delights like meat pies and Vegemite.

When planning your menu for this Australia Day, which most likely will involve some form of barbecue lunch, contemplate serving up some of the Aussie foods below.

1. ANZAC biscuits

2. Lamingtons

3. Iced VoVos

4. Weet-Bix

5. Damper

6. Meat pies

7. Pavlova

8. Barbequed sausages

9. Tim Tams

10. Vegemite

11. Chiko Rolls

12. Burger with the lot

13. Dagwood Dogs

14. Bacon and Egg Pies

15. Grilled Kangaroo

16. Barramundi

17. Cherry Ripe

18. Roast Lamb

19. Vanilla Slice

20. Chicken parmigiana

What are your favourite Aussie foods? Let us know what you will be eating this Australia day.