Do you wake-up in the morning and still feel exhausted? We have compiled 20 tips to help you get the quality rest you need.

School is back and the challenge is is trying to settle into daily routines. Unfortunately the transition period from holiday-mode to school-mode can be quite challenging, and for many, feeling well rested is a luxury rather than a necessity.

According to a recent Newspoll survey commissioned by Forty Winks, a large portion of Australians are struggling to get the rest they need.

The survey indicates only one in 10 Australians feel like they are relaxed and rested. However the problem does not lie in the amount of hours sleep each Australian is getting, rather it stems from the poor quality of the rest.

Sleep physician Dr David Cunnington says rest should be a health focus, just like diet and exercise.

“We need to factor in more time for rest and recovery in order to recharge our batteries. As we return from holidays and start another busy year, we need to give ourselves permission to rest more and make sleep a priority.”

If you want to improve your mood, health and general quality of life try to improve your rest by following our 20 tips for a better night’s sleep.


1. Don’t force yourself to sleep, if you aren’t feeling tired leave your bedroom and do something else until you feel ready to rest.

2. Exercise outdoors during the day.

3. Eat your dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

4. Create a bedtime ritual to follow each night before you go to sleep.

5. Try to go to bed and wake-up at similar times every day.

6. Go to sleep clean, shower or take a bath before going to bed.

7. Don’t consume caffeine after dinner.

8. Make sure your bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy only.

9. Make your bedroom your haven; invest in a comfortable bed, pillows and blankets so you feel the optimum amount of comfort.

10. Don’t nap when you get home from work or close to dinner time.

11. Take an hour before you go to sleep to relax and un-wind, don’t try and rest with the troubles from the day still on your mind.

12. Have a glass of warm milk before you try to sleep.

13. Try to make your room as dark as possible.

14. Change into comfortable sleep wear like pajamas or loose fitting clothes.

15. Try to avoid watching TV or using your laptop while you are in bed.

16. Aim to have your bedroom at what you think is the most comfortable temperature.

17. Try to keep fresh air circulating in your bedroom to avoid it becoming stuffy.

18. Go to the bathroom a few times leading up to your bed-time. This will minimize the chances of bathroom breaks throughout the night.

19. Ensure you are hydrated before you go to sleep, this will eliminate waking up with a dry-mouth and needing to drink water.

20. If you need to set an alarm use a reliable alarm clock, avoid using things like phones that can run out of battery.


What are your tips for good rest?