Everyone is weighing in on the alcohol-fuelled violence debate. Here are 15 suggestions that have been put forward from various sources to fix the problem.

The debate surrounding alcohol related violence in Queensland is heating up and today Premier Campbell Newman announced that the government’s plan to tackle alcohol fuelled violence would be unveiled in March.

This Australia Day many Australians will be enjoying a few beverages, it will be interesting to see if the debate flares  next week.

Premier Newman made it clear that closing venues early still doesn’t appeal to the Queensland Government but everything would be considered.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 suggestions of procedures that could be put in place to cut down on alcohol related violence. Bmag do not agree or disagree with any of the following suggestions.

1. Introduce a strict 1am lock out.

2. Venues must serve only water at certain time intervals throughout the night.

3. Tougher penalties for alcohol related violence.

4. Provide more public transport.

5. Increased Police presence.

6. Harsher drunk and disorderly penalties.

7. Higher fines for venues where violence gets out of hand.

8. Make venues close at 3am.

9. Increase education concerning the fact one punch can kill.

10. Raise the drinking age.

11. Make venues hire more bodyguards.

12. Limit the amount of alcohol people can purchase from bottle shops.

13. Monitor venues more closely and make sure they abide by the RSA laws.

14. Stop serving alcohol after a certain time but allow the venue to stay open.

15. Introduce an honour points system where patrons have points deducted for becoming too intoxicated. If a patron loses all their points they are suspended from visiting venues that serve alcohol.

Which option do you think should be put into action? Do you have another suggestion to stop the violence or do you think everything should stay the same?

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