Are you not-so-secretly obsessed with Christmas?

We’re now a week away from Christmas. For some, the pressure’s on and the Christmas shopping is yet to be done. Others wish that it was Christmas all year round – and are completely prepared for the big day.
Is this you? Are you Christmas-obsessed? Read on for the 10 signs that you have the ultimate festive cheer.

1. Homemade Ornaments: Early December is spent creating homemade treasures – and hours are spent decorating the tree to perfection.

2. Christmas cards are sent as early as possible, ensuring Christmas cheer is spread far and wide.

3. More Christmas lists are written than Santa, and are taken very seriously to keep organised.

4. You play your Christmas carol CD daily – and know all the words.

5Shopping Centres are your favourite place during the festive season. Forget the crowds and sales; you are in awe of all the Christmas décor.

6. Christmas sweaters are taken seriously – the perfect combination between style and comfort.

7. Your pets have holiday themed outfits…

8. You can’t sleep-in on Christmas Day, the excitement is too much to bare.

9. Boxing Day  – the best time to get discounted Christmas items, in preparation for next year!

10. Grinches beware: your Christmas spirit is infectious. Nothing can crush your Christmas cheer during the holiday season.

How did you match up, are you obsessed with Christmas? Let us know via comment box below