One of Brisbane’s oldest and most beloved book clubs share their secrets.

Ian Jarratt of Auchenflower regularly travels the world, has incredible adventures and meets strange and wonderful people, all while barley straying from his own suburb.

For the past 30 years Jarratt has been a member of one of Brisbane’s longest running book clubs and he’s now encouraging other residents to do the same.

“Currently, there are 11 members, including three men, from all parts of Brisbane and we meet every month in members’ homes,” he says. “I, and few others, have attended meetings since 1984.

“During the 30 years, we have discussed 314 books, mainly fiction, and the entire works of 36 authors.We have discussed many types of books, including some children’s books, by authors from numerous countries, especially Australia, UK and USA.”

Jarratt said there are a few secrets involved when it comes to keeping a long running book club alive.160355857

“We have kept going for so long because the club provides an incentive for us to keep reading and to read different types of books, increases our understanding and appreciation of books and provides a regular social event,” he says. “We have been successful also because we all vote for the books we want to read, choose our books several months in advance, accept that members will have different views about a book, only read books easily available at Brisbane City Council libraries and require anyone suggesting a book to have actually read it and to tell us why we should discuss it.

“I am also a member of three other book clubs that meet each month at libraries. More people should consider joining a book club and it is much easier to do so now than 30 years ago because now there is one or more at most Brisbane City Council libraries.”

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