There must be something about the name ‘Paddington’ that appears to evoke wonder and joy the world over.

Paddington in London has prestigious connotations; Paddington in Sydney is totally one of the it-places to live and hang out; Paddington Bear, well, everyone loves him; and then of course there’s Paddington in Brisbane. They all have one thing in common — people seem to adore them!

Of course, dearest to my heart is our very own Paddington right here in Brisbane. My home now for two and a half years. I still want to pinch myself every day that I am lucky enough to live here.

Why? Let me count the ways! It’s a beautiful suburb which simply oozes character and charm. Many of the houses dotted along the hilly, wobbly, knobbly streets are in their original state with plenty of stories to tell. Then of course there’s the beautifully renovated “wow” homes dotted in between the older ones, giving this suburb delightful variety and a boost into real estate heaven… making it one of the hottest places to live.

There is no doubt that at a mere two kilometres outside the city centre this is a prime location, but what else is there that makes pretty Paddington such a magnet?

The main shopping areas of Given, Latrobe Terraces and nearby Rosalie all offer something that many other newer developments just can’t. There’s no 7-11 culture, everything has an old school class and taste that comes with a suburb that has such history and character.

Paddington is gorgeous, old fashioned, attractive and a little bohemian. It’s no wonder that on his recent stint filming in Australia Johnny Depp picked Paddington as his shopping destination, when he wasn’t busy smuggling dogs or fighting with his wife, that is. But more about him later.

Just yesterday I walked up Given Terrace mentally taking notes, so that I wouldn’t forget any of my favourites here. After all, I owe the suburb I adore the accolades it deserves. Sadly, there’s just too many to list but here are my top 10 in no particular order.

Olive Home

218 Given Terrace, Paddington

This is a store full of surprises. Need a gift? You have come to the right place, squire! Want a gorgeous new dress that is actually nice? Big tick. Need a new necklace? You are sorted. Beautiful homewares and other tasteful knick knacks also decorate this beautiful store.

The labels, designs and styles are spot on with an affordable price tag. This is a city store in a suburban location — perfect.


283 Given Terrace, Paddington

The name says it all! Chef and owner Mario Curro from Sicily is the master of Italian hospitality, and enthusiastically serves his guests the most delicious food in a setting steeped in ambience. There is simply nothing nicer than sitting cosily in his street facing courtyard which is beautifully fitted with fairy lights and cushions, looking out into the world sipping on a nice Italian vino… all whilst waiting for a scrumptious pizza about to come fresh out of the oven.

My favourite Paddington restaurant without a doubt! Tiramisu is family friendly and has something for everyone.

Side Street

1/237 Given Terrace, Paddington

Now this is a little gem of a find that every fashionista (or fashionister, for the boys) needs to know about. You can find a wide range of great clothing here – casual wear, party or evening dresses, accessories and some great menswear too, with good prices and an ever-changing selection. The perfect street savvy shopper’s paradise.

And let’s not forget store manager Tania, who really is the cherry on top with her cheerful smile and impeccable service. This is one hip store that you don’t want to skip out on.

Weaves and Wonders

36 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

If you ever wanted to know what Aladdin’s cave looks like, look no further. Located on LaTrobe Terrace, you’ll discover treasures from Turkey and the East, including an array of handmade tribal kilims and carpets.

For those of us who live in Queenslanders with wooden floors, a gorgeous handmade rug or five is just what you need. The styles, colours, designs and workmanship that goes into these pieces is incredible and I am proud to have several in my own home.


219 Given Terrace, Paddington

How lucky are we to have a big organic/wholefoods store right on our main street… with an adjoining cafe, no less! In this day and age where eating well and looking after our bodies is more en vogue (and important!) than ever, a store like this deserves all the support and patronage it can get.

Eating right was never so easy or delicious!

Paddington Antiques

167 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

This really is a museum in its own right. Perched at the highest point of the shops in Paddington, it sits like a Queen guarding her royal treasures. And boy, there are some secrets and gems to unearth in there! Nothing like a step back in time to provide amusement and wonder.

And this is precisely where the aforementioned Monsieur Depp chose to browse. The man sure knows a treasure trove when he sees one!

Darling & Co

157 Given Terrace, Paddington

Iceworks recently transformed itself into a newer, fresher and even more inviting venue for, well, pretty much anything you can think of.

Whether it’s a morning coffee with friends, a business lunch, a lovely dinner either in the bar or in the slightly fancier restaurant, this venue has it all covered. Not to mention those pre-game drinks!

It is massive, both in size and in what’s on offer. Fair to say, I heart Darling & Co… it is very pram and family friendly, and I have taken all my Mummy Friends there. They agree this is a total find.


2 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

We are so lucky to have our very own chic and tasteful children’s wear store here in Paddington. The selection of brands is phenomenal, the clothing top notch and there’s accessories and gift wares a plenty. Lovely, just lovely.

A must-go for all parents or expecting Mums to be. No chain store madness here, this is a very special speciality store.

Verve Hair

241 Given Terrace, Paddington

Verve Hair is a city hairdresser with a convenient suburbian location. Offering all the latest styles and trends, this is one cool but welcoming little hive of activity.

I look forward to my regular appointments here and enjoy the top notch treatment and service, the ambience and the little treats which includes a full café menu of hot beverages or for those after something a bit stronger, there’s a nice glass of wine or a cold beer waiting for you. They work hard at Verve and they listen (their motto!) — and it shows.

Owned and operated by lovely couple Dabian and Leigh this is one business that cares about its success and, most importantly, their clients’ satisfaction. I would not go anywhere else.

Presents of Mind

285 Given Terrace, Paddington

Presents of Mind has clever, funny, entertaining yet high quality gifts for all ages – from the very young to the young at heart. There’s something awesome for everyone.

But don’t take my word for it — John Cleese stopped by on a recent visit to Brisbane and I’m told he spent considerable time chuckling loudly over the humorous cards and fridge magnets on offer! This little gem has been in the neighbourhood for many many years and we hope it stays for many more.

Paddington really is home to some of the best cafes, restaurants, fashion and homeware stores in the region. All housed in the most beautiful stores on streets steeped in vibrant character, which makes for a most enjoyable shopping jaunt up and down Given and Latrobe Terraces. Grab your mum, granny or bestie and come and visit!