A proposed high-rise development has got Paddington residents up in arms.

Community spirit is alive and well in the hilly homes of Paddington, with residents pulling together to oppose a development they say will ruin the picturesque suburb that lies west of the Brisbane CBD.

The Union Cooperative Society has submitted plans to Brisbane City Council for a proposed development, one that will sit on the corner of  Latrobe and Given Terraces. The application is for 45 units, 94 private car parks, 20 private motorbike parks and a 10 lot shopping precinct.

Protesters have pointed out the building will be 3.5 times higher than what is acceptable as outlined in the Brisbane City Council’s Latrobe Given Terrace Plan. In order to combat the development, concerned residents have created an online petition on Community Run to voice their displeasure to council.

In the petition they say the building is “not in keeping with the ‘timber & tin’ hillside character in which Paddington is renowned” and “a structure of that height will cast significant shadows east-west. The building itself is not in keeping with the character of the area and will be an eyesore. There has been no attempt to create a building which accentuates the character of the buildings around it. It is not a tasteful or sympathetic design.”

To view or sign the ‘I say NO! To the proposed Modern-Monstrosity in Paddington’ petition visit www.communityrun.org/petitions/i-say-no-to-the-proposed-modern-monstrosity-in-paddington

What do you think about the proposed building? Do you think the development will be beneficial for Paddington, or do you think it will ruin the suburb’s character? Let us know below.