Indooroopilly Shopping Centre has announced plans to charge customers who park in the centre for more than three hours.

The centre says it will introduce “Australia’s most advanced parking system” when it becomes the first Queensland shopping centre to introduce a ticketless parking system based on licence plate recognition.

Quest Newspapers report that the centre will begin installing ticketless parking and a parking guidance system in July this year; the system is expected to be operational by August.

Shoppers will be able to create an online account by registering their licence plate number and credit card details. When they enter the centre, their licence plate details will be captured and their arrival time will be displayed on a digital screen. Electronic display boards will also indicate where (and how many) parking spaces are available.

There’ll be no need for cars to stop, because tickets won’t be issued.

When it’s time to leave, customers who have spent less than three hours in the park can proceed straight to the exit. When the camera recognises the licence plate, a boom gate will automatically open.

Customers who have spent more than three hours in the centre will have two ways to pay the parking fee — they can enter their licence plate details and pay at a pay station, or, if they’ve registered online, the fee will be automatically charged to their credit card.

Customers visiting restaurants and cinemas inside the centre will receive an additional hour of free parking; staff will incur a flat daily rate for parking; and those with a disabled parking permit will park all day for free.

All parking will be free after 6pm.

The new system is reportedly designed to deter commuters and visitors who park at the centre to access off-site facilities.