Bent Books at West End finds all kinds of interesting items tucked between their second-hand book pages. So many, in fact, the owner has started a blog to share them with the world.

Kat Mulheran, the owner of second-hand book store Bent Books in West End, is constantly finding items that have been left in the books she buys.

From tram tickets to movie stubs, old photographs and drawings to newspaper clippings, invitations and postcards, Kat says she’s seen it all. Even though she has worked at Bent Books for over 13 years, it was only recently that she decided to start documenting these discoveries in a blog.

After purchasing a private library of a local resident, Kat and her team found many personal effects littered thoughout his collection. He didn’t want anything returned, instead suggesting they start a blog.

Kat guesses that “it’s about 1 in 5 books that contain something of interest, whether it be money, photos or letters. Usually, though, it’s typical everyday items that could be used for a bookmark. Plane tickets, postcards and movie stubs are the most commonly found items.”

The most surprising thing she has ever found was a stash of cash and nude photos (not in the same book, however).

If Kat had to leave something behind in a book, what would it be? “I think, because I’m a bit nerdy, I’d pick a newspaper clipping or something appropriate to the book I was reading.”