Local beatboxer Tom Thum stuck a camera down his throat — for science!

Ever wondered what the inside of a beatboxer’s throat is doing while they make their otherworldly sounds?

Brisbane’s own Tom Thum, one of the world’s best beatboxers, has asked himself that question — so he decided to investigate.

He visited Dr Matthew Broadhurst, an otorhinolaryngologist at the Queensland Voice Centre, to see if there were any abnormalities in his laryngeal anatomy making all those sounds possible, and to see what his noise-producing mechanisms actually looked like.

“The results were fascinating yet horrifyingly graphic and will probably make a few people spew in their laps,” Thum wrote in the video’s description.

The good news? No abnormalities were found, so there’s no reason you can’t teach yourself to put an orchestra in your own mouth.

Check out Thum’s Live from the Larynx video above, if you think you’ve got the stomach for it!