Ryan Reynolds’ self-aware superhero is back in a four-minute mini-movie that’s playing in front of Logan in the US.

The clip is, technically, a teaser for Deadpool 2 (which isn’t expected to hit theatres until next year), but it’s really a standalone short film in its own right.

It’s every bit as funny as you’d expect, with hilarious references to Superman: The Movie and Logan, and even an Easter egg referencing Deadpool 2‘s likely co-star, Cable.

But be warned — if you don’t want to hear any profanity, and you don’t want to see Ryan Reynolds’ nude butt through a foggy phone booth, you definitely won’t want to watch this.

Everyone else should just enjoy, and make sure you hit the pause button to read that wall of text at the end — especially if you’ve got a book report due on Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.