This Danish TV ad will make you cry, and it won’t apologise for it.

The new commercial for TV 2 Denmark opens with a group of people being divided into groups that supposedly define them — ‘The High Earners’ and ‘Those Just Getting By’; ‘Those We Trust’ and ‘Those We Try To Avoid’.

But then the people are asked a series of questions, like “Who in this room was the class clown?” and “Who are stepparents?”, and the supposed divide between the groups falls away.

The message, of course, is pretty simple — we all have something in common, we can all find things to unite us, and we don’t need to perpetuate some sort of ‘Us vs Them’ mentality.

Or, as the narrator puts it, “there’s more that brings us together than we think”.

Yes, it’s simple — but by the end of the ad, there won’t be a dry eye in the house, especially when you realise that the ad was posted to YouTube on the same day Donald Trump issued his controversial executive order on immigration.

If I lived in Denmark, I’d be watching TV 2 all the time after seeing this ad, even if they just played infomercials and repeats of cooking shows…