The 2017 Australian Open has finally come to a close, with 35-year-old Roger Federer emerging as the unlikely champion after a battle for the ages with Rafael Nadal.

Federer won his 18th (!) grand slam title last night, putting him four clear of Nadal and Pete Sampras, who are tied for second place with 14 slams apiece.

But he had to earn it, overcoming his longtime rival Nadal in an epic five-set final.

Incredibly, Federer’s victory follows knee surgery last year and a six-month rehabilitation.

After the match, Federer was bestowed the winner’s trophy by Rod Laver himself, and appeared to acknowledge the possibility of retirement.

“I hope to see you here next year,” he told the crowd. “If not, this was a wonderful run here.”

The match was immediately billed as one of the greatest of all time — and if you missed it (or you just want to relive the excitement), you can watch all the highlights above via Australian Open TV.

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