Just as we feared, that awkward NYE countdown was too good to be true.

Eleven’s music video show The Loop went viral yesterday when footage of the show’s absolutely excruciating NYE countdown, featuring ‘competition winners’ who clearly did not want to be there, started making the rounds.

We speculated that the countdown might not have been as much of a trainwreck as it appeared, but rather, a staged parody of lame NYE shows — and it turns out we were right. Probably.

Presenter Scott Tweedie appeared on the Studio 10 breakfast show this morning, admitting the widely-viewed segment was fake.

“We decided instead of doing the greatest countdown ever, how can we make this as awkward as possible?”

Tweedie, a former host of the ABC3 series Prank Patrol, said he didn’t expect the clip to take off like it has, receiving coverage as far afield as the New York Post and Pakistan Telegraph.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we got you.”

Tweedie added that the clip didn’t even depict a real NYE, as it wasn’t live.

“Who wants to come into a studio on New Year’s Eve?” he asked.

“They were so deadpan. Who is unhappy on New Year’s Eve?”

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the segment really was just lame and awkward, and this is all an attempt to save face — but since the “competition” the fans supposedly won to appear on air never existed, and Tweedie got his start as a host of the ABC3 series Prank Patrol, it seems a safe bet they’re telling the truth — this time.

Now let’s see if they can top it next NYE…