Kevin McAlister will be there for you.

It’s hard to believe that internet sleuths could discover anything about Friends or Home Alone that we already don’t know at this point, but here we are.

22 Vision have discovered a crazy link between the beloved TV show and Macaulay Culkin’s breakout hit — the suburban home Monica and Chandler move into in the final season of Friends is the same one Kevin McAlister guarded from burglers in Home Alone.

On the one hand, it’s crazy that this hasn’t been noticed earlier — on the other hand, who would notice this, unless they’ve seen both the final season of Friends and Home Alone an unhealthy amount of times?

The fact has been confirmed by the people who live in the house, which is actually located in Winnetka, Illinois.

Watch the clip above to see the comparisons between the two properties. We just hope Kevin didn’t leave any booby traps out for Chandler and Monica to fall into…