The Mexican heartthrob only has eyes for Jabba the Hutt.

No matter how much you love Star Wars, your fandom probably still doesn’t come close to Diego Luna’s obsession with Jabba the Hutt.

While the rest of the male population was looking at Leia in that metal bikini in Return of the Jedi, Diego Luna was looking at Jabba — or ‘Yabba’, as he calls him.

Twitter user @tolkienianjedi has compiled an excellent montage of all the times Diego Luna has mentioned his desire to get up close and personal with Jabba the Hutt on the Rogue One press tour, and it is disturbing.

Luna has brought up his obsession with Jabba — or, as he calls him, Yabba — in at least six separate interviews, admitting that he’s “obsessed” with the Huttese creature and would be willing to French kiss him.

“The texture of Jabba is something I need to discover,” Luna says, and at this point, we believe him.

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