Hugh Jackman is popping his Wolverine claws for the last time, and he’s going to make it count.

Director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman seem to be keenly aware that audiences are getting a little bit sick of the constant stream of superhero movies, and they’ve made sure that Logan looks nothing like your average superhero flick.

Set to Johnny Cash’s powerful cover of Hurt, the trailer feels more like a short film, depicting a post-apocalyptic future in which there are almost no mutants left, Professor X is on death’s door, and Logan is hitting the bottle hard and hiding away from the world after some sort of tragic event that he was at the centre of.

In other words, it looks depressing as hell, but it also looks great — the cinematography here is unlike anything we’ve seen in an X-Men film, and the film looks like it will do justice to the darker X-Men comic books.

There’s also hope, in the form of a little girl with powers similar to Logan who is placed under his protection. (Comics fans will recognise the little girl as X-23.)

It all adds up to a movie that looks more like The Road or Children of Men than an X-Men movie (Children of X-Men?), and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Logan will be released next March.